Technology is not the driver for luxury consumption

In his keynote address at the New York Times 2014 International Luxury Conference, Francois Henri Pinault, CEO of Kering Group spoke about the relationship between luxury, technology and art. ‘Luxury, art and technology have always converged. In the 1930′ Schiaparelli joined forces with Salvador Dali to create the lobster dresss. In the 1960s, Yves Saint Larent created dresses with color blocks resembling a Mondrian canvas.’ said Pinault.

‘For the relationship between luxury art an technology to remain productive, each discipline must remain true to itself.’ he added. ‘Even if luxury relies on craftsmanship, we use technology in many areas – in our warehouses or to power e-commerce; but also hand-held devices to improve customer experience. For instance, when you walk into the Gucci store in New York, you no longer have to wait. By using a QR code, the sales assistants will know exactly the size of shoes you wish to purchase.

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François-Henri Pinault, CEO Kering Group