Tears of joy or sadness at DOLCE GABBANA show ?

Italian fashion brands DOLCE GABBANA delivered a highly emotional show this weekend at the closing of the Milan Fashion Week. The show paid homage to the hundreds of atelier workers and show ended with a parade of models wearing a jacket and a short skirt. This also marks a draw on DOLCE GABBANA’s earlier years when it introduced this particular look. Many journalists and staff left the room in tears. Were they tears of joy or sadness? DOLCE GABBANA like many other luxury fashion brands have been deeply affected by the current crisis. The financial difficulties have only been worsened by the two strategic decisions taken just before the debut of the crisis: to take back the production and commercial of the D&G line and to buy out many private manufacture ateliers which used to work for Dolce Gabbana, especially shoes and bags.