Tapestries restored with the support of Gucci return to Palazzo Vecchio

Gucci and the City of Florence announce that ten sixteenth-century tapestries have now been refurbished using proceeds from the Gucci Museo and will be exhibited in the Sala dei Duecento (the Hall of the Two Hundreds) in the Palazzo Vecchio, a Florentine landmark and a symbol of the city.

The tapestries will be exhibited on a quarterly rotating basis in order to safeguard the quality of the restoration. Palazzo Vecchio museum-goers will have the opportunity to visit the tapestry exhibition in the renovated Sala dei Duecento (seat of the Florence City Council).

Refurbishing the ten sixteenth-century tapestries underscores the close ties that for nearly 100 years have linked Gucci to Florence and its major institutions and reflects the fashion house’s intention to invest in safeguarding, restoring and supporting its area of origin and its supply chain.

Restored Medici tapestry at Palazzo Vecchio