TAG Heuer to start selling its smartwatch by November

TAG Heuer will start selling a smartwatch for about $1,400 by November as the brand becomes Apple Inc.’s biggest Swiss competitor for connected timepieces.

TAG Heuer’s smartwatch battery will last about 40 hours, said Jean-Claude Biver, who heads the watchmaking activities of the brand’s owner, LVMH. The Apple Watch battery was designed to last 18 hours, though that can stretch out further if fewer functions are used.

The Apple Watch may get younger consumers more interested in wearing watches for the first time, Biver said in an interview.  “I hope they sell millions and millions and millions of them,” Biver said, speaking ahead of the official opening of a Hublot boutique in Dubai Mall. “The more they sell the more a few people will want something different and come to TAG Heuer.”

TAG Heuer formed alliances with Google Inc. and Intel Corp. to develop the watch, the company said last month.

TAG Heuer