TAG HEUER launches luxury smartphone

Swiss luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer has launched its LINK smartphone, the first Swiss luxury smartphone. Running on Android platform, Tag Heuer’s Link smartphone features branded content and made with the same materials as  timepieces. The smartphone was created in collaboration with French luxury mobile phone manufacturer Mode Labs which has had previous collaborations with Christian Dior, Versace etc.

The touchscreen Link comes fully customized with Tag Heuer Universe screen designs, widgets, animations, wallpapers, icons and ringtones. For example, one widget is a clock on the phone that looks just like the Tag Heuer V4 watch.

With a starting price tag of 5.000 euro, the Tag Heuer Link smartphone will be released in Tag Heuer stores in London, Paris, Hong Kong and Dubai in the upcoming week. In August, the phone will be released in all Tag Heuer stores worldwide, and in selected watch and jewelry retailers. The phone will launch in the United States in September.