Swiss watch industry exports on the rebound in June

The recovery of the Swiss watch industry exports continued with a positive trend in June. The value of products (Watches) crossing the Swiss border stood at 1.7 billion francs, 5.3% higher than in June 2016. This increase follows the good result posted one month previously.

Growth was sustained on several markets. Italy (+16.5%) reported a second month of strong growth with a substantial further upturn. The United Kingdom (+35.6%), After three months of exceptional performance, China (+11.5%) continued to grow and completed an excellent first half. Hong Kong (+4.6%) was closer to the global average and further strengthened its recovery.

The United States (-1.3%) saw no change in its general situation with a slight fall in June. Sharply lower, Japan (-15.4%) remained in the red. In the Middle East June 2017 exports recorded the following: UAE up by (18.4%), K.S.A down by (-17.9%), Qatar increased by (66.6%), Bahrain (no changes) and Kuwait (-37%).