SWISS PERFECTION, the ultimate luxury skincare from Switzerland

Mr Gregor Mattli, CEO and co-owner of luxury skincare label, Swiss Perfection, speaks exclusively to CPP-LUXURY.COM, in an interview about his company’s philosophy and its quest for the ultimate results in skincare.

How did you come up with the idea of setting up Swiss Perfection? How important is it that the company remains family owned and run?

When my father created and developed the first brand of cellular cosmetic products based on animal cells, I was deeply impressed by his pioneering spirit and his determination. This is why I decided to walk in his steps. I grew up in an environment where the quest for beauty and health played an essential role. From this environment rose the idea of creating a new cosmetic line. As the mentalities were evolving, including mine, establishing the use of certain ingredients as controversial, it was natural for to turn our researches towards vegetal cells. This explains why the family and the heritage are very important values for Swiss Perfection.

In today’s competitive anti-aging cosmetics market, which are the key unique assets that differentiate your products?

Firstly, Swiss Perfection is a real cellular brand. All products contain Cellular Active IRISA® the brand’s star complex. It contain intact an active Iris cells, whose high potential is activated once in contact with the skin. Secondly, Swiss Perfection formulates, develops and produces all its products in Switzerland with the highest quality standards.

What is the positioning of your brand in terms of distribution? Is your brand distributed in department stores and/or mainstream fragrances and cosmetics retail chains? Would you consider such distribution channels?

Our brand is distributed in private exclusive clubs, private yachts and exclusive hotels. In some countries, Swiss Perfection can be found in counters in very luxurious department stores.

Your brand was recently introduced at the prestigious SPA of the iconic Four Seasons George V in Paris. Are there any other similar SPAs your products are available at? Or do you have future plans in this sense?

In addition to the Four Seasons George V, the brand is for example available at Clinique La Prairie in Montreux, in the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo and in the Millennium Hilton in Seoul. Among our future projects, we are planning to launch our brand in an exclusive private club in London.

Swiss Perfection, Cellular Anti- Aging Treatments at Four Seasons George V Paris

What is the profile of your most loyal consumer?

Our clientele is very demanding. They are very educated and have tried most of products that exist on the market. With Swiss Perfection they have found products that fulfil their expectations. Most of them stay loyal to Swiss Perfection after they have tried the products.

Your clinic in Montreux, Switzerland has been crucial for the awareness and promotion of your products. Tell us more about the clinic, the services it provides and how it has evolved in the past years.

Swiss Perfection heritage is based in Clinique la Prairie in Montreux, especially after it gained its international reputation thanks to my father. It is there that I have been able to familiarize myself with the word of cosmetic and rejuvenation. In terms of services, the Clinique La Prairie is specialized in revitalization, and medical check-up. It also offers luxurious spa treatments with Swiss Perfection products.

Organic beauty brands have been flourishing in the past years. What is your view on organic based anti-aging products? What are the main differences between your products and an organic based product.

It is essential to me that Swiss Perfection products are safe. We are also very strict about the quality of the ingredients that compose our products and on their origin. However, it is not part of our strategy to offer organic products as it does not reflect our positioning of cutting edge, innovative products.

Which are your regular marketing and communications activities in promoting your brand? How important is education?

Swiss Perfection is a service brand. Therefore education and promotion are done during a direct interaction between our sales force and our customers. For this reason, we give a lot of importance to the training of the sales force and the therapists in the Spas.

Which are your most successful international markets and what are your priorities in terms of expansion?

Our most important market is Asia. We are planning to enter China soon as well as America.

Cosmetics companies have been creating products adapted to certain countries according to the specifics of the skin, environment, weather, lifestyle etc. What is your view on this research?

I think this is good. We also have noticed that among our products some are really well adapted to some markets or climate.

An increasing number of luxury brands have been embracing digital platforms as a means of communication. What is your approach in this respect?

I am very interested by how digital communication is growing. However, our company gives a lot of importance to the service our customers get.  For the moment, we have not found the right way to replace direct interaction with our highly trained staff by digital means.

What is your answer to those who resort to cosmetics surgery for immediate results and no longer believe in cosmetics products (reports show that an increasing number of consumers use only cleansing and hydration)?

A complete and adapted face care programme is the best way to delay the signs of age and a chirurgical intervention that can be heavy. Plus there are some points that a cosmetic surgery cannot solve, for example the quality of the skin surface or radiance. Skincare on the other hand can significantly improve those points.

Mattli family, owners of Swiss Perfection skincare brand