Swatch Group could open prime location shopping centre in Zurich to house its brands

Swatch Group acquired earlier this year a landmark property in Zurich at number 30 Bahnhofstrasse (the most prominent shopping high-street of Zurich) from Credit Suisse Bank for an undisclosed sum. The six-story neo-Gothic building, with a floor area of 80,000 square feet, currently houses department store Grieder and a Louis Vuitton store.

“With the purchase by the Swatch Group, this central building that characterizes the Bahnhofstrasse like no other building remains therefore in Swiss hands,” Swatch Group said. It declined to provide additional details on what it plans to do with the property.

Market analysts reckon that since several luxury brands from Swatch Group’s portfolio do not yet have a retail presence in Zurich, Swatch Group’s new building could be developed into a large shopping centre to house exclusively luxury watches and jewelry brand from the Swatch Group stable.

Swatch Group acquires building downtown Zurich