‘Supermood’, Luxury Beauty Made in Finland

CPP-LUXURY.COM has spoken exclusively to Supermood organic luxury beauty brand founder Anne Kukkohovi, originally from Finland.

Before setting up your beauty brand you were a model. What inspired you to take this journey?

I’ve always loved beauty, packing and inspirational concepts. After my modelling career, I was an Art Director in advertising agency for over 10 yrs. After I started working as an entrepreneur, I started wondering, why there was no beauty line combining topical, edible and therapeutic beauty products in a simple – easy to approach – way. That’s how I came up with the idea of Supermood. Real beauty is not superficial, more skin deep.

Finland, your country of origin is not necessarily associated with beauty products. What makes Finland an ideal source of ingredients for your products?

We have very pure ingredients, strict law and most of all, unused potential to make a real brand exprerience based on emotion, wellbeing and highend science. And of course, I saw a “whole” in the market. There was (and is) a need, that was not fulfilled. I hope Supermood is something different, a beauty rage with total customer understanding.

Your product range is organic based and most of your products are edible. Tell us more about your philosophy?

For a long time I’ve been a partner in a with company that makes very pure and ecofriendly supplements. Many of them affect also our mood, skin and the way we feel energized, mellow or help us to sleep better. I had a strong urge to combine a beauty rage with the philosophy: You are what you eat.

What is the profile of your consumer target?

Supermood user wants to take care of herself, feel healty and understands the importance of nutrition and the psycological aspect of wellbeing and beauty. As we know, continious stress is very harmful for the way we look and feel. Finding a balance between healthy stress, exercise, sleep and skincare routines is important to Supermood user and we want to help our customer to find easy solutions for that. She/he can live anywhere in the world, but they all share similar values.

One of your most known products is the anti-wrinkle pillow. Tell us more about your innovative approach.

I was introduced by this pillow few years ago, and I was amazed what a difference it made on my “morning-face”. I started thinking how much we use lotions and “wonder creams” to reduce traces of our sleeping habits. We spend a third of our life in bed and it’s pure sense, that the pillow you sleep on, has a huge impact on the way we look. That’s why I got excited about lauching this pillow also in our line, since it tells perfectly about the way we approch beauty. We really think what is behind every “need”, and we try to find new, innovative ways to solve these problems.

Which are your plans in terms of future expansion? i.e. retail versus Spa

At the moment we are expanding globally and of course my dream would be able to sell Supemood in as many countries as possible. We also dream about expanding to spas and hotels, but they need their own product development, so that will be our next step. Even in the spa world, I want Supermood experience to be holistic, not just a facial, but more of a total experience.

Do you consider opening stand alone retail locations and/or Spas?

At the moment it’s a dream, but still not under production. Now we concetrate on our resellers, take good care of them and after some years we might see Supermood spas and stores around the world.