Study reveals young Middle Eastern consumers seek unique luxury products from major international brands

A recent study by Middle East luxury retailer CHALHOUB Group has revealed luxury goods consumers under 30 are particularly drawn by unique products in terms of design and quality and prefer internationally recognized and established brands with an impeccable reputation. Almost half of those Middle Eastern nationals interviewed at Dubai airport, o arrival, mentioned they were considering buying a luxury gift and would be willing to spend up to US$1.500. 

Other interesting findings of the study highlight that over 81% of luxury consumers prefer to buy products in new season collections and that they are more inclined to buy all brand looks, rather than ”mix and match”. Also, 70% of those interviewed mentioned that they prefer to do their shopping among a trusted group of friends. Mention should be made that a total of 1260 persons were inteviewed, aged 15 to 29.  

Oliver Petcu of CPP finds the information very relevant for the Middle Eastern market and expressed his further curiosity at whether the study included questions related to the motivation of youngsters to buy abroad versus buying locally.