Stella McCartney launches menswear

Stella McCartney announced on Thursday that she will present her debut menswear collection alongside her women’s resort 2017 collection on Nov. 10 in London. It is slated to arrive in stores in early December.

“I want to deliver to men what I deliver to women,” McCartney told the New York Times on Thursday. “A wardrobe, a choice and effortless modern clothes,” she said. A press release said the fur-free and leather-free apparel and accessories collection will “take a modern approach to menswear, encouraging seasonless wardrobing, while adhering to the brand’s responsible and sustainable ethics.”

Though McCartney plans to show men’s alongside her women’s pre-season collections going forward, the former will not be given season-specific: Rather, they’ll be called something like Collection One and Two, and buyers will be able to place orders several months before they are shown to the press. McCartney is also shifting the scheduling of her resort presentations, which will now be shown regularly in November, rather than May, to align closer with their arrival in stores the same month. The in-season runway show format will not change, and McCartney will present her spring 2017 collection (what she calls “summer”) in Paris on Oct. 3.

Stella McCartney with husband Alasdhair Willis