St Regis Hotel New York unveils final stages of multi-million dollar renovations

The multi-million dollar, comprehensive renovation at The St. Regis New York will culminates this moth, with redesigned guest rooms, suites, hallways and public spaces. The King Cole Bar, will see expansion into the King Cole Bar & Salon, where an extensive lounge will feature a dramatic open fireplace. Uptown sophistication meets downtown chic in this reimagined space where The St. Regis will also debut a new culinary partnership with renowned New York chef and restaurateur, John DeLucie. The new restaurant will feature modern American cuisine with an international twist, reflecting the rich cultural mix that is New York City.

In the iconic lobby of The St. Regis New York, the renovation will reincorporate lost architectural elements, including opening up oval windows above the front desk which were part of the original design of the hotel, while simultaneously infusing fresh touches through updated furnishings and amenities.The guestroom floors will feature chic, black-lacquer painted doors, textured fabric walls and five distinct color palettes in the entryway on each floor. Guestrooms will be updated to include marble tiled entryways, rich color schemes with bold accent colors, sumptuous fabrics and luxe leather details, custom furnishings and state of the art technologies. An extensive art program, with emphasis on New York City photography by Janet Arsdale and Hampton Hall, will be integrated into every guestroom and suite. Additionally, every bathroom in the entire hotel will be renovated, refurbished, and updated to create a spa-like atmosphere paired with the latest technology.

The St. Regis’ master suites will undergo remarkable redesign and extensive renovation complementing the reimagined guestrooms. The dramatic Imperial Suite will feature European Chinoiserie and East Asian furnishings set against alluring red tones with crystal and gold leaf accents. Mixed stylistic influences and a reinvented open floor plan will lend a residential flow to the space, while plush new window seats will offer both stunning views of Manhattan to Central Park, and serve as cozy havens for retreat. The Royal Suite will embody the perfect mix of European style and American spirit. The suite will feature a rich color palette, gilded moldings, exotic prints and an eclectic art collection. The Presidential Suite has been reimagined as a sumptuous collector’s suite where sophisticated global luxury travelers will surround themselves with the art and treasures of their travels. Furniture styles range from contemporary to classic and blend seamlessly with chic accents, making it the ideal locale for both stylish entertaining and relaxation.

The renovation will bring new luster to the hotel’s exclusive collection of designer suites: Bentley, Tiffany and Dior Suites, while maintaining their unique and beloved bespoke décor.