Speakers’ panel at BUSINESS OF LUXURY FORUM 2011 (Bucharest 28 March)

CPP is pleased to announce part of the speakers’ panel at BUSINESS OF LUXURY FORUM 2011 which will take place in Bucharest, on March 28th at EPOQUE Hotel

Adrian Pascu, Brand Manager, PORSCHE

Srdjan Lovacevic, Owner ALSA Group

Daiana Voicu, CEO WILLBROOK International

Radu Rizea, TVR


Antoni Kuhnen, General Manager EPOQUE

The main topics to be debated at the round table:

- understanding the real potential of the luxury market and how to adapt one’s business to the changing market conditions

- how to convice consumers to buy locally

- the ethics of luxury retailing

- the dynamics of the luxury consumer profile

Further speakers will be announced March 16th 2011. Details for registration: office@cpp-mc.com.