Sophia Loren publishes her autobiography

‘Ieri, oggi, domani’ (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow) recounts the life of the Italian actress in her own words. It’s something her loving public have been waiting a long time for. A golden age of glamour, seen through the eyes of the woman at it’s very centre promises to be a unique and fascinating insight into a world long gone, as well as the diva’s recent life which continues to enthral. The publishing house Rizzoli have acquired the international publishing rights and will sell them in the next few days at the London Book Fair.

So why now? ‘”Over the years, several publishers have asked me to tell the story of my life. But it never seemed like the right time to delve into my memories and go back in time,” said Loren. “I don’t know what made me do it now, perhaps the arrival of my next birthday in round numbers, or maybe it was a coincidence, the discovery of a box, that I will tell of in the book. From those documents, from those forgotten photos, they generated a book worth of memories, which I hope will excite everyone.”

Sophia Loren and Giorgio Armani