Slower growth for Swiss watch exports the first half of 2013

The growth rate of Swiss watch industry exports has slowed in the months since the beginning of the year. Over the first half as a whole, their value stood at 10.2 billion francs, up 0.8% on January-June 2012. While January still showed a strong advance in line with 2012, a reduction of around 3% was reported in three months.

Growth of watch exports was higher than in the rest of the branch. Their value reached 9.7 billion francs (+1.5%). On the other hand, the trend in the number of pieces was less favourable. In the six months period, the branch exported 13 million timepieces, one million less than in the previous year (-7.4%). This reduction in volumes was primarily attributable to the category of other materials which reported a fall of 22.7%.

Vacheron Constantin – Atelier Cabinotiers watch, 2013