Sleep therapy packages, an opportunity for luxury hotels?

Sleep therapies at Grand Resort, Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Sleep disorders have been affecting a growing segment of population in the past decade, with a widening age bracket, mostly due to increased stress levels. Technology, extensive travel and an insecure economic environment have been among the sources which have contributed to an increased stress level, resulting in many imbalances, including sleep. Discerning wealthy consumers which travel extensively, whether on business or leisure trips are seeking relaxation more than ever before, whether through a SPA treatment or simply by an enhanced sleeping experience.

Luxury hotels have long recognized the importance of a good night sleep, by providing extra comfort mattresses, pillow menus, window blinds, bath salts, sound proofing and special air conditioned temperature controls with the aim of ensuring a sound sleep for their guests. SPAs at luxury hotels nowadays include as a standard in their menus relaxation and de-stress treatments such as massages, rituals, water therapies etc.

Should hotels go beyond and offer sleep therapies or packages? Several international luxury hotels have recently introduced sleep therapy package services. Among these, London’s Milestone Hotel in Kensington introduced earlier this year ”The Sound Sleep Experience” including accommodation in superior category rooms and suites, a consultation with a sleep disorder therapist, a SPA treatment, a “sleep gift bag”, daily sleep tips and a tailor made healthy breakfast menu.

Beach House Goa  Resort Hotel in India offers comprehensive wellness programs to treat sleep disorders and anxiety. Upon a full medical assessment (‘Signature 360Ëš Screening Process’) a tailor made treatment is reccommended by a team of physicians, nutritionists and dieticians and would include: diet, yoga, self awareness programs, complete organ support and cleansing, neuro linguistic programming etc.

Hotel Gabriel in Paris provides rooms which are iridescent in hues of pearl and gold. If the décor isn’t restful enough, a selection of the rooms are fitted with a “Nightcove” system that promotes restful sleep through ambient lighting, music and special relaxation techniques.

Hotel Quellenhof in Switzerland offers a two-night Sleep Diagnostics programme combines state-of-the-art research and treatment with fitness, relaxation, fresh mountain air and five star luxury. Guests leave with a personal health dossier and advice on how to continue therapy. The Sleep Diagnostics package costs €2,643 per person, including accommodation in a specially equipped sleep diagnostics room, breakfast and all treatments.

Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur offers Padabhyanga, an Ayurvedic reflexology therapy which is an ancient massage for the soul that focuses on the marma points of the feet and lower legs. Padabhyanga promotes quality sleep, increases circulation and energy flow to boost immunity, rejuvenating your entire body. This therapy incorporates the use of a kasa bowl which is warmed in oil resulting in a more effective therapy as the metal interacts with the energy force of the body. 

The recently inaugurated Mandarin Oriental in Paris has made a significant investment in ensuring its rooms are the most quiet in Central Paris, with a tested noise level under 40 decibels, an ideal sound proofing level of rooms. Special deamer lights and a quiet air-conditioning system also contribute to an enhanced sleep experience.

But just how effective these treatments and packages are in treating sleep disorders? Are they meant to have a limited duration effect so that guests return or they also have a long term effect? How medical or holistic the approach hotels should take?

With sleep disorders generated by a wealth of complex factors, both bodily functions and external factors, it remains to be seen how guests respond to such treatments in the long run. Despite the current challenging economic environment, I strongly believe such services will be a key differentiating factor for luxury hotels. Including a consultation with a sleep therapist, providing a tailor made menu by a nutritionist, a SPA treatment, highest quality mattress and pillows, a set of organic bathroom amenities including essential oils and healing salts as well as a high level of sound proofing and a sophisticated air conditioning system could be the ideal sleep package offered by a luxury hotel, especially a city hotel.

Oliver Petcu