Shoe Obsession, a new exhibition at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology

According to the author of Shoes: A Lexicon of Styleand Dr. Valerie Steel, the director and chief curator of The Museum at FIT in New York, the obvious foot fetish began way back with Cinderella’s glass slippers. However, there is no clear explanation on why women willingly go against the grain by wearing some of the highest platforms and thin stilettos that defies the law of gravity and can form blisters, but many say “pain is fashion” or it could be the other way around.

The Museum at FIT will be running an upcoming exhibition exclusively for shoe lovers called Shoe Obsession from February 8 through April 13. Shoe Obsession was curated by Dr. Steele, Fred Dennis and Colleen Hill, to showcase women’s fixation on shoes by taking a journey through this century using some of the most legendary, over-the-top and phenomenal styles from well-known fashion houses like Roger Vivier’s feather Eyelash pumps, Chanel’s gun heels and Prada’s flame shoes, over-the-top designers like Noritaka Tatehana’s eighteen inch ballerina shoes and Masaya Kushino’s sculptural human hair, Cyprus wood and lace platforms.  Also, new comers, Charlotte Olympia’s Kiss Me Dolores pumps and Nicholas Kirkwood’s graffitied Keith platforms. This exhibition by far will display all different types of shoes that only a woman can dream of.

Roger Vivier, Rendez Vous Collection