Shangri-La Bosporus, the ideal base to discover Istanbul

Boasting two of the city’s finest restaurant, IST TOO, a contemporary all day dining located directly in Bosphorus, and Shang-Palace, a landmark for Chinese cuisine in Istanbul, the Shangri-La Istanbul offering includes a wealth of activities, from the stunning CHI Spa which features organic products by UK based ILA,  the city’s highest ranked Sunday Brunch (Lobster Brunch) by Executive Chef Cyril Arrouard at IST TOO, to the bespoke Rolls Royce airport transfers.

The Concierges at the Shangri-La Istanbul also recommend:

Fashion Designers

Studio Vogue

Studio Vogue is one of the best shops in Istanbul producing leather and fur and has 3000 square meter showroom. It is possible for the guests to see the jackets or other items which they like on models at a specially designed podium.

Arzu Kaprol

Arzu Kaprol is a very famous Turkish designer who has been chosen by worldwide known stars such as Meg Ryan, Gisele Bündchen and Kelly Rowland. She was also preferred by Angela Lindwall and Chanel Iman in Cannes Film Festival on the Red carpet.

Özgür Masur

Özgür Masur is a Turkish designer who is mostly working with Turkish celebrities. He has won many awards as well as the “Future Designers” award that he has won Lesshow held in Moscow 2001. He puts the emphasis on the “stance of luxurious women” for his designs.

Gamze Saraçoğlu

Gamze Saraçoğlu is  a young but very succesfull designer in Turkey. She studied fashion design at “Parson’s School of Design”, New York. She has worked for international luxurious brands such as Donna Karan and at many high level Turkish brands. She has even designed special notebook cases for “Apple company”. She has been preferred by celebrities in Turkey.

Contemporary Art galleries


Artam Antique has been organizing auctions, seminars on antique or restoration of historical buildings as well. Artam has a gallery in an old Turkish mansion and it is possible to buy some precious pieces from the gallery or it is possible to attend its auctions. The owner Turgay Artam is a very famous collectioner in Turkey.

Caferağa Medresesi (Caferaga Madrasah)

Caferaga Medresesi has been built in 16th century by very famous architect the Architect Sinan. It was used as a school at that period. Madrasah serves as a Turkish handcraft center now and it is possible to attend different courses such as a very traditional painting hand craft called as “Ebru” or Ottoman style hand writing called as “Hat”.

Devrim Erbil Art Gallery

Devrim Erbil is a famous painter who was entitled to the art scholarship granted by the Spanish government in 1965. He also worked as dean of very famous art schools in Turkey. He has a wide collection of paintings, mosaics, carpets, ceramic and stained glass. It is possible to see his collection in his gallery located in the Asian side of Istanbul.

Exquisite dining

Zubeyir Ocakbası

In Turkish cuisine, kebab has so much importance and in Turkey we do not wait kebab to be prepared and brought from the kitchen in some restaurants. So, we have a tradition called as “Ocakbasi” where there is a grill and possible to sit in front of it. Chef cooks and makes some show in front of the guest and you may eat this kebab right after he takes it from the grill. Zubeyir is a very traditional restaurant to experience “Ocakbasi”.

Karadeniz Pide & Doner

Doner is another traditional Turkish dish made of meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie, normally lamb but also a mixture of veal or beef with these, or sometimes chicken. Karadeniz Pide and Doner is considered as one of the best places to have doner. Most of the times there is a very long line in the front where you may need to wait up to 15 minutes. But after you taste this delicious dish, you will see it worth.


Raki (Turkish national alcoholic beverage made of anice) and fish is another key driver of Turkish cuisine. In Turkey, we have a tradition to prepare a table with varieties of meze (Turkish tapas), fish and raki. This table witness long conversation within families, couples, friends. Ma’na has a raki menu which has 82 different raki and this place is preferred mostly by locals.

Organic beauty

Home-made Aromatherapy

This small shop in a small and very cute district called as “Kuzguncuk” with Ottoman style houses, produces its own additive-free and non-chemically processed products such as essential oils, facial and body lotions and textile.

La Deese Parfume Designer Shop

La Deese is a small shop located in hub of Istanbul “Nisantasi”. At this shop, you may design your own perfume by selecting different essences which will be your own signature. It is also possible to attend workshops held in this boutique.

Suna Dumankaya

Suna Dumankaya is a famous pharmacist and dermatologist who produce personal care products with natural and herbal ingredients. She says that she is creating her products with the prescriptions that she had from her grandmother. Suna Dumankaya has a boutiquıe shop on Bagdat Caddesi where you may get treatment with these products as well.

Oliver Petcu in Istanbul