SEX and the CITY 2, the perfect showcase of luxury brands is the most awaited movie of the year

With Sarah Jessica Parker as not only the lead role but also as a producer, the new SEX and THE CITY movie is due to be launched in New York and London in November 2010. The movie was entirely shot in the upcoming luxury resort of Mandarin Oriental in Marrakech, Morocco and the photo shoot for the movie billboards and promotional materials took place last month in UAE, in Abu Dhabi.

The five chapter series was followed by the very successful launch of a movie last year. SEX and THE CITY has demonstrated immense marketing power for any luxury brand featured in the movie, analysts quoting the several million dollar deal with Mercedes Benz, which has been ”the official car” and the main sponsor of the movie. In the last episode of the last series, most of the scenes are shot at the Plaza Athenee Hotel in Paris and now photos of the series are featured on the hotel’s home page.  

One of the ”sponsors” of the second movie of SEX and the CITY is the Adu Dhabi tourism authority with several top hotels being key locations. Other top advertisers such as hotels are reportedly paying over USD 1 million for a 5 minute shot.