Sensible investors take advantage of crisis to develop luxury retail

Recently, while encoutering crisis in the most unexpected walks of life, we have come across a newly opened spectacular luxury store. Located in Unirii Square, downtown Bucharest, ROSA CLARA is the first luxury bridal dedicated store in all Central and Eastern Europe. We have been emphasizing the huge potential of luxury bridal retail in Eastern Europe, considering the steady demand and the lack of international or local bridal brands.
We have been impressed buy the simplicity and coherence of the store – clean black and while accents withshades of gray. The large lit windows display photos of exceptional bridal garments. The store carries Rosa Clara, Christian Lacroix, Jesus del Poso and Karl Lagerfel bridal collections. Most of the merchandise is made to measure and each item is special order.
We strongly hope owners will manage to adapt to the challenging economic conditions and keep permanent connection with customers. Browsing through the internet, we found the store has been open since December 2008, yet we have not come accross any marketing of the store.