Selfridges introduces personal shopping themed suites, inspired by style icons

London luxury department store Selfridges launches new store concept of personal shopping with seven themed suites, collectively known as the  Personal Shopping salon. Each suite will pay tribute to a past fashion icon, from  singer Grace Jones to noted fashion designer Lanvin. The suites serve as the  central draw for a new 5,000-square foot private lounge at the store, which  features a library and bar, aiming to make shopping a more socialized  experience.

In the race to create unique environments for their customers, many retailers  have opted for a technology-centered approach, but with its new suites,  Selfridges aims to get back to the roots of traditional retailing by integrating  strong storytelling and theatrical elements into the space. A move that  showcases the store’s heritage, while creating a truly luxurious environment in  which to shop. The renovated interior concept was designed by London-based  architecture firm WaldoWorks.

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Selfridges new themed suites (Private Shopping Salon)