Selena Gomez to design capsule for COACH and front all campaigns

Coach has announced Selena Gomez as the new face of the brand. The $10 million deal, announced Monday morning, will see the singer front all upcoming campaigns for American fashion house. In addition to fronting the house’s new campaigns, Gomez will also be designing a line of accessories for Coach.

The singer has a strong social media following – she is currently the most followed person on Instagram – as well as a strong presence in the fashion world. Gomez recently starred in campaigns for Louis Vuitton.

The news comes after a year of anniversary celebrations for  Coach. Last Thursday, the brand celebrated its 75th anniversary with a dual-gendered fashion show and over-the-top party in New York City. Earlier in the fall, Coach opened its 20,000-square-foot Coach House flagship on Fifth Avenue in New York City.

Past Coach ambassadors include Gwenyth Paltrow (who starred in the house’s 2011 campaigns), Chloe Grace Moretz (who is being replaced by Gomez), Karlie Kloss (who worked with the house in 2013), and Kid Cudi (who fronted Coach’s ‘Dreams’ campaign in 2015).

Selena Gomez, the new face of Coach