Salvatore Ferragamo microchips shoes and bags

Ferragamo is stepping up its campaign to curb counterfeits by inserting microchips in the heels of its shoes and in a selection of its bags. But, the move is said to be not only about stopping fraudsters, but to also help with resale value.

The Italian fashion house has been quick to point out that the chip (which is inimitable) cannot be seen in the shoe or bag, and will only be able to be read at a distance of 4cm or less, so fears of being tracked are unfounded.

The brand has been persistent in identifying counterfeiters, confiscating 12,400 illegal items last year that had a total value of $17 million.  It has also sought to expand the number of e-commerce sites that it monitors as well as targeting trade fairs and individual sellers, for which this latest technology tool will no doubt come in very useful indeed.

Salvatore Ferragamo Fall Winter 2016