Sales of luxury private jets and yachts in Poland on the rise

A recent report by KPMG Poland has found that, according to data from the Polish Civil Aviation Office, the number of airplanes and helicopters in private hands towards the end of 2009 reached 822, with helicopters accounting for a fifth of that figure.

During the last five years, the total number of aircraft registered by natural and legal persons (except institutional bodies such as the national air carrier PLL LOT, aircraft manufacturer PZL Åšwidnik, health care establishments etc.) for recreation and business purposes went up by more than a third. 70 new machines were registered in 2009 alone.

The number of airplanes and helicopters registered by private individuals in 2009 was lower than in 2005 (respectively: 200 and 229 aircraft). Between 2005 and 2009 there was a 63% growth in the number of aircraft bought by businesses.

As regards sales of yachts, the growth rate here was even higher than that for aircraft. Data provided by the Polish Sailing Association (PZÅ») which maintains a register of yachts of up to 24 metres in length, used exclusively for sports or recreation, indicates that over 1,500 marine yachts were registered in 2009 alone, which was four times as many as 5 years earlier, and with over 150 new registrations of marine yachts of min. 10 metres in length (three times as many as in 2005). Considering that many Polish companies manufacture yachts and interest in such products will grow, an increase in sales may be expected in the coming years.

KPMG Poland