Sales of luxury goods and services online remain at very low levels

Boucheron online

According to Precepta research firm, online sales of luxury brands in 2009 represented only 3% of the total sales, the estimate for 2010 being at 3,8% in 2010 and 4,7% in 2011. The figures apply to a worlwide luxury market of EUR  7 billion.

The research also highlights the importance of online sales considering the lowering offline sales due to the international crisis. The main reason behind this slow process is the fear of luxury brands not to diminish the reputation of their brands and encourage sales of counterfeited goods.

Today, ”one of two luxury brands do not have an online offering” explains Delphine Ancel, the author of the research. The situation is different from sector to sector, the most developed being fashion (couture, pret a porter, leather goods and shoes) as well as cosmetics & fragrances. Ms Ancel also adds that one in 5 brands is sold online through third parties, the biggest winners being those with new collection offerings.