Saint Laurent opens new store in Dubai at Mall of Emirates

The new 421-square-foot Saint Laurent flagship store at Mall of the Emirates is the first in the region to carry the new Saint Laurent store concept, which is being touted by the fashion house as “a physical embodiment of the brand’s realigned visual identity”. It is also the largest Saint Laurent store in the Middle East.

The concept favours rich materials, generous proportions and simple lines – and is a stark reminder that less is almost always more.

There are art deco undertones in the 1930s-style vitrines, which are finished with nickel-plated and mirror-polished brass. The use of “blanc statuaire” and “noir soie” marble, complemented by dark quilted-leather upholstery and suspended brass hangbars, sets the tone in these monochromatic, minimal spaces.

The interplay of matte versus polished, in the case of the marble, and nickel-plated versus mirror-polished, in the case of the brass, adds texture and richness to a seemingly simple design aesthetic.