Rosewood Hotel Group launches new business lifestyle hotel brand, Khos

Rosewood Hotel Group, Hong Kong, is launching a lifestyle, modern-day Asian business hotel brand called Khos. Derived from the Mongolian word meaning “pair,” Rosewood said in a statement that Khos will blend work and play, people and ideas, East with West, and business with lifestyle. With the first hotel expected to open in 2018, growth will focus on capital cities and urban portals, up-and-coming business centers and resort destinations.

“Hotels have not kept pace with the evolution of this group of travelers and Khos reflects a new age in hospitality in which business travel is inseparable from lifestyle,” said Sonia Cheng, chief executive officer of Rosewood Hotel Group.

Khos plans to deliver a more contemporary, vibrant and collaborative work era and is envisioned as the go-to destination for teams to unite and leaders to socialize.

Meeting facilities have been reimagined and event spaces designed for greater flexibility and sociability facilitating personal interaction.

The brand will aim to create authentic, artisanal, communal dining options. Innovative approaches to recreation and relaxation will be applied in areas from spas and wellness facilities to business centers and executive lounges.

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