Romanian Euro-parliamentarians, ambassadors of luxury?

Petru Luhan

While boarding their Brussels flight on an early mid June morning at Bucharest International Airport, we could not help but notice the luxury fashion parade by Romanias newly elected Euro-parliamentarians.
Presidents daughter, Elena Basescu wearing latest summer 2009 collections – Louis Vuitton bag, Chanel loafers and Juicy Couture sweat casual ensemble and a luxury watch by Hublot, all worth aprox EUR 8.000. Petru Luhan, one of the youngest parliamentarians with a model allure proudly featured: black FERRE jacket, SAMSONITE Black Label suit case and a new collection RADO watch, worth aprox EUR 2.500. Viorica Dancila could be spotted wearing elegant DIOR shoes, CHANEL jacket and a ROLEX watch, worth approx EUR 7.000. Other parliamentarians loyal luxury consumers include: Rovana Plumb (ESCADA fan) and Oana-Elena Antonescu (fan of BURBERRY and LOUIS VUITTON).
We wouldnt want to argue neither whether they should or should not wear luxury brands, nor how they could afford them, but only highlight how these young public figures could become role models and replace traditional luxury brand ambassadors…