Rolex inaugurates new integrated production facility in Switzerland

Rolex inaugurated this week the new building at its watch movement production facility in Bienne, Switzerland. The new building, the product of one of the largest industrial construction projects in recent years in Switzerland, enables the world’s leading luxury watchmaker to rationalize production of its watch movements. Movement manufacturing has been brought together on a single ultra-modern 400,000 m3 site – of which the new building occupies 230,000 m3 – over a total area of 92,000 m2.

The new Rolex facility in Bienne marks the culmination of the strategy Rolex adopted over 10 years ago with the aim of integrating production of all the essential components for its watches – from the case to the movement, from the dial to the bracelet – on four purpose-built or remodelled sites, three in Geneva and one in Bienne.

More than 2,000 people work at Rolex’s site in Bienne and more than 4,000 work in Geneva, where the brand’s world headquarters is located, the other components are made and the watches are assembled.

Rolex new production facility in Bienne, Switzerland