Roger Dubuis introduces the Excalibur Spider Pocket Time Instrument

Swiss luxury watch-maker Roger Dubuis introduced the Excalibur Spider Pocket Time Instrument at the recently held Watches&Wonders 2015 edition in Hong Kong.

Since its much-heralded release in 2013, the Excalibur Quatuor and its “ultimate challenge to compensate for gravity” have consistently fascinated watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs, particularly those fortunate enough to observe its RD101 calibre in action at close quarters.

The most immediately noticeable feature of this movement, vividly highlighted here in the Excalibur Spider Pocket Time Instrument, is of course its four sprung balances. Working in pairs to provide immediate compensation for the rate variations caused by the changes in position, this efficient foursome enables the movement to operate at the stunning frequency of 16 Hz and thus ensures an exceptional degree of precision.

In addition, the Roger Dubuis double moon- crescent patented power-reserve display offers a pleasingly intuitive and innovative indication of exactly how much running time is left before the timepiece requires winding. As if that were not enough to make this calibre stand out from its peers, the signature double flying Tourbillonintroduced by the Manufacture in 2005 had sparked a seven- year research programme leading to the development of five differentials further enhancing the accuracy and reliability of this uniquely sophisticated 590-part calibre.

The exclusive set of technical Excalibur Quatuor characteristics is now given a stunning new expression by means of an unprecedented association with the tentacular Spider concept introduced by Roger Dubuis in 2015.Offering an original and comprehensive interpretation of skeleton- work, a recurrent theme in Nature vividly expressed in the fine threads of a spider’s web, the Excalibur Spider models extend this principle beyond the movement to encompass the case, the inner bezel ring, the hands and even the crown.