Robert De Niro and James Packer to develop luxury overwater resort in Barbuda

The island of Barbuda which is famous for its serene islands and quiet atmosphere will soon see a major change to its vibe.

The government’s approval will give Robert de Niro and billionaire James Packer the green-light to launch a massive new development that may dramatically change the island. The controversial move was not without some opposition. Island residents have accused the island’s government of neglecting citizens’ rights in its hurry to launch the project under a new celebrity-incentive law.

The approved agreement between Prime Minister Gaston Browne and Ambassador Gilbert Boustany will summarize a series of new developments planned for Barbuda. The project, which plans to build a 391-acre mega-resort, moves towards the complete transformation of the island as it pushes for a regeneration of a stunted economy. Phase one looks at the building of 77 rooms, a spa and 4 four restaurants.

“Once they start construction of the hotel, they would have access to an additional 140 acres, within but no later than 36 months,” said Ambassador Gilbert Boustany in a statement. “They will have a beautification project for Barbuda, where they are in process now of creating a donkey sanitary, and refurbishment of the Government house to be used as a museum. Paradise Found also offered to have a Sustainable Development Plan done for Barbuda at their cost.”