RITZ PARIS to close for more than 2 years

After having failed to obtain the ”Palace” designation by French State Tourism Authority this summer, legendary Ritz Paris Hotel announced it is to close for more than two years from next summer for an "unprecedented" renovation. The ”Palace” distinction is the highest star ranking for luxury hotels in France, introduced this year, with a special committe voting on each property according to a specific criteria.

It said hotel facilities, including its 160 rooms and suites, would preserve their traditional style while "offering the latest technological innovations". Only about 30 of the hotel’s about 500 employees would be kept on during the renovation, a hotel spokesman said, adding that "talks are underway" with staff representatives on assistance.

”This renovation project is indispensable. It is the result of a wide reflection carried out with all of the establishment’s partners," Ritz Paris company president Frank Klein said in the statement. The Ritz Paris Hotel is owned by British based Egyptian millionaire Mohamed Al Fayed.