Ritz Carlton launches ”Art of Craft”, an exceptional series of videos

A housekeeper at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong is one subject of “The Art of Craft” video campaign by Ritz Carlton

Ritz-Carlton introduced this week ‘Art of the Craft,’ a creative new digital video series that highlights the day-to-day of select members of its international staff. Formally referred to as “ladies and gentlemen,” the men and women profiled (10 in all, four released yesterday) range from sommeliers and shoe-shine valets to chefs and housekeepers.

The videos are beautifully shot on-location in places as diverse as Sonoma, Istanbul and Hong Kong. Each one serve as a tangible reminder to Ritz-Carlton patrons — and teaser to would-be patrons — of just how well-taken care of they will be upon arrival. The aim of this series is ostensibly two-fold: first, to give guests a behind-the-scenes look at the people and jobs that make Ritz stays so special; and second, to extend the reach of the Ritz brand in an innovative way.

Last year, Ritz Carlton launched ‘Let Us Stay With You’, a sleekly-designed digital bulletin board curated by select Ritz ladies and gentlemen from around the world. Organized by theme (culinary, spa & wellness, destinations, and so forth), ‘Let Us Stay With You’ entries allow past guests to relive special memories and also entice future guests with special holiday menus, grand upcoming events, and photos from the grounds of its most exotic resorts. It is initiatives like ‘Let Us Stay With You’, as well as early adoption of social media’s emerging platforms and a strong website, that helped Ritz-Carlton earn a fifth-place ranking and digitally ‘Gifted’ status in our 2012 Digital IQ Index®: Hotels report, released in April. ‘Art of the Craft’ is a great extension of previous digital efforts and an inventive way to both entertain and educate Ritz patrons, while at the same time evolving the brand.

The trend of short videos as part of ample communications campaigns for luxury hoteliers has been embraced by Peninsula Hotels which launched their Peninsula Moments campaign (produced in-house), as early as last week as well as Shangri La which launched last year It’s in our nature campaign (created by Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong). The short films have become an ideal interactive tool for social networks, providing not only an insight into the brand’s DNA but also a means of discovering the ”behind the scenes” which readers are increasingly looking for.  Of the launched videos, the one featuring a housekeeper at Ritz Carlton Hong Kong is probably the best illustration of the achievement of this campaign.