Ricky Martin, an icon for generations worldwide

One of the most famous and critically acclaimed Latino artists worldwide, Ricky Martin has been making headlines in the past months, unfortunately not for his music but his sexuality. He recently admitted publically being gay, although all his true fans have been aware of that for years. He has been under constant ”attack” of the tabloid media which has been publishing videos and photos of him with his friends and  boyfriends.

We are all aware of the power of tabloid media, especially in print and tv, which can sometimes build or distroy a career in a month or even less. With no exception, international media has been publishing images and articles solely on his sexuality, making no remarks to his new album or his family life as a father of two twin boys. Naturally, good news is always brief and negative is always elaborated and twisted to extremes, sometimes more than half of materials being made up.

Ricky Martin is a very complex artist, adored by fans all over the world for his music and dancing skills as well as his art of putting up the most spectacular shows in his concerts. His notoriety extends well beyong his native fellow countries such as Puerto Rico, and spans the entire globe. His latest ”silent” video is an apology message to all his fans, especially for his negative portrayal in the media.

I believe Ricky Martin is nowadays a unique celebrity with an immense power over his fans, especially considering that he spans already two generations. The more mature fans, like myself, we have the ability to see beyond the negative images depicted by the tabloid media and see his evolution and level of maturity. That is why, I personally believe, Ricky Martin is an exceptional luxury brand ambassador, with a much greater ”power” than Beyonce or Jennifer Lopez and much more complex than Cristiano Ronaldo or David Beckham. For one, Ricky Martin has an incredible fan base in South America and Asia, two of the most important developing luxury market territories worldwide .

Oliver Petcu