Rick Owens opens in Hong Kong largest store in Asia

The new Rick Owens Hong Kong store, opened in conjunction with retailer Joyce Boutique, is in fact the largest Rick Owens store in Asia, boasting a massive three-storey, 3,800 square-foot space. The store carries the complete male and female collections, as well as the Drkshdw and accessories line in its beautifully conceptual layout. There is a strong theme of industrial design and customers will notice the table sculpture of Owens himself in a provocative manner.

Speaking about the store, Owens said “I’ve designed the store to correspond to a primal ideal I set for myself – quiet emptiness, stone and light. Walls are concrete blocks custom molded with an angular brutalist design I saw on a wall a long time ago in Berlin, and never found again. I might have dreamed it. This wall became a mythological image to me of a futuristic utopian Ruin.”