Research – Germans favour middle-class hotels, Russians and British the luxury segment

A recent study by ITB Berlin and IPK International has revealed that travellers from Germany are more modest in their choice of hotel than holidaymakers from the UK or Russia and prefer middle-class accommodation. The proportion of Germans who stay in luxury hotels has even declined and currently stands at 13 per cent.

At 57 per cent, overnights represent Europeans’ preferred type of accommodation. Around 234 out of 413 million trips abroad are spent staying at hotels, with currently more European travellers choosing a hotel bed than five years ago. In 2007 this type of accommodation accounted for 52 per cent. 58 per cent of German travellers currently favour hotels. The leaders are Britons (60 per cent) and Russians (66 per cent). Among Polish and Dutch travellers hotel overnights are less popular (44 and 45 per cent respectively).

Melia La Quinta Golf and SPA, Marbella

Around Europe the choices of hotel category also vary. Among Europeans the proportion of overnights in standard accommodation (middle-class and budget hotels) has stagnated, whereas overnights in four and five-star hotels have risen by four and two per cent respectively. According to the survey by IPK International Russian holidaymakers in particular prefer luxury accommodation, with 26 per cent opting for the comforts of a five-star hotel whenever they travel abroad. 22 per cent of Britons choose five-star accommodation, which puts them alongside the main nations preferring luxury hotels. Over the last five years the percentage of Russians and Britons favouring luxury accommodation has risen by two and four per cent respectively, whereas the percentage of Germans preferring this segment stands at only 13 per cent.