Renault to develop luxury car with Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz E Klasse

French car maker Renault confirmed it will develop a luxury passenger car jointly with Mercedes-Benz, on one the platforms of the German car maker and utilizing Mercedes Benz’ luxury vehicle expertise.

Specific details on the new model were not revealed, however, it’s understood the new model could use a Mercedes-Benz platform. Using the partnership which was developed between Daimler and Renault-Nissan in 2010, the new co-developed luxury model is expected to be more profitable compared with Renault having to develop all-new foundations from the ground up. The Mercedes-Benz platform could give the company a head start.

Conversely, Mercedes-Benz is set to borrow a platform from Renault for its new Smart car. According to an Automotive News report the new Smart will be based on the Renault Twingo. Renault and Daimler also announced a new deal last month which will see the two companies co-develop four-cylinder engines. Renault-Nissan will use the engines for upcoming Infiniti models, while Mercedes-Benz will also adapt them to future products.