Regional Manager of CARTIER indirectly confirms incoherent strategy in Eastern Europe

In a recent interview to the Romanian media, Martin Schmidt, regional area sales manager of CARTIER states that the brand has no intention to open a monobrand boutique in Bucharest, considering the Romanian market still an emerging one. That is why, the brand does not plan to open a monobrand boutique in Romania.

Then, we, at CPP, cannot help but wonder what was the basis for the decision to open a monobrand Cartier boutique in 2008 in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, a luxury market which is half the size of the Romanian market both in number of wealthy buyers as well as buying power (according to CPP Management Consultants Ltd research).

Does Cartier have a special ”affinity” for Bulgaria or Bulgaria is not an emerging market according to the criteria of the brand?

Then, another question arises: how can Cartier afford to be present in Romania, the largest second market after Poland, with a small corner in a multibrand shop in one location in Bucharest? Or again it is a question of Cartier’s special relationship with the local distributor which maintains a single retail point and is not willing and/or able to expand distribution.