Record growth in the number of readers using our iPhone and iPad app

Along with our website and weekly newsletter, CPP-LUXURY.COM has registered significant growth among readers on our iPhone and iPad app in the past 6 months alone. A number of 3.200 readers follow us regularly on our app. Total pushes sent: 175,025 (growth of 425.44%); total app opens 13,634 (growth of 116%); average time in App 4.48m.

Our social media platform has seen significant growth across all our channels, especially: Facebook (3.300 Likes), Pinterest (1.100 followers) and Google+ (over 600 circle members). Our Twitter now boasts 1.200 followers and our 6 professional luxury business groups on LinkedIn, reached a total of 3120 members. For October we expect total reach of over 93.000 unique followers/readers/members across all our channels. The most recently updated presentation can be downloaded here.

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