Real-life characters in Vuitton’s latest video digital campaign

Louis Vuitton has recently launched an exceptional digital campaign of three movies to promote its men’s accessories collections. Each short movie recreates the back-drop of the real life of three characters – a film-maker, a herbalist and an oceanographer, each with a particular lifestyle DNA.

The common defining element of the new Louis Vuitton campaign entitled ”A Voyage, A Room, An Iconic Bag”  is the art of travel (l’Art du Voyage). Unlike previous Vuitton campaigns starring celebrities, none of the three movies features the actual characters, giving absolute freedom for imagination. Another denominator is the art of writing, all three characters holding writing accessories such as pen and an agenda.

The film-maker is portayed in Florence amid an authentic Italian cinematic atmosphere -the sound of church bells and cobbled street with striking voices, highlighting Vuitton Men’s ”Roman Messenger” bag, with several other products suggested such as an inkwell and a pen or a tie. The mood is boheme and relaxed.

The herbalist is depicted in a remote lake-side cabana in the Livingstone National Park, surrounded by wild-life and the forest. Vuitton’s Keep Bandouliere 45 bag was chosen, with several other suggested Vuitton accessories such as Vuitton Tambour Automatic GMT watch, a V Karokoram scarf, pocket organizer and a multiple wallet. The mood is dramatic and adventurous.

The oceanographer is presented in Havana against the backdrop of an oceanside residential villa, partially turned into an experimental lab. Vuitton’s Porte-Documents Voyage handbag  defines the style of the character accompanied by a range of accessories such as a pair of sunglasses, a chronographe wristwatch, document holder and a fountain pen. The mood is vintage and explorative.

Louis Vuitton launched a similar campaign for its Noé Forever ladies’ handbag for Summer 2013, with a short movie as a historical restrospective from 1932 till 2013, recreating a lifestyle journey through music and design (fashion and interior design). For instance, each model from a certain period would match the respective lifestyle i.e. jazz for early 60′s and rock-n-roll for the 70′s.

Oliver Petcu

Louis Vuitton, Keepall Bandouliere 45 Orange in Damier Infini leather