Ranking of biggest pensions in Romania reveals a new luxury consumer target

In a recent article, COTIDIANUL publication made a top out of the best-paid pensions in Romania. If until recently, the public was informed about the incomes of representatives of the parliament and state dignitaries, now is the high time to find out about luxury pensioners in Romania.
We’ve met them on Henri Coanda airport in Romania, in groups of 10-15, being reputed fans of the group holidays organized by the travel agencies all over the world. We noticed the contrasting differences in the groups, like the abundance of gold jewelry combined to clothing bought from the big hypermarket centers.
We’ve also noticed the luxury pensioners in therapy locations throughout the country, where they can afford long stays and where they rent hotel apartments instead of normal rooms.
Until recently, real estate was also an attractive opportunity for this segment of people, many of them renting out important spaces. It is obvious that we are not dealing with an educated target but rather one that got rich once the pension age kicked in. These are ex big-shot directors in state-owned companies or other state directions. Consumers from this segment are most likely to be interested in services – tourism, medical services and so on.