Ralph Lauren makes further job cuts

As part of its restructuring strategy, Ralph Lauren is set to cut more than 100 positions from a distribution center in North Carolina.

The distribution center is based in Greensboro, and while a company spokeswoman declined to specify what positions were being cut, she said “North Carolina remains a critically important hub for our business.”

While the number of positions being cut is understood to be around 107, the layoffs do not constitute additional cuts for Ralph Lauren but are part of a recent decision to shutter its New York Polo flagship and move to a new e-commerce platform.That disclosure was characterized as part of a broader restructuring effort, referred to by the company as the “Way Forward Plan,” as are the layoffs at the distribution center.

“We are continuing to deliver on the Way Forward Plan to return the company to sustainable, profitable growth,” the spokeswoman said. “As part of this, we have conducted a comprehensive assessment of all areas of our business and will reduce headcount in select areas.”

The retail side of the business is also headed for a sizable reduction in staff. In addition to the New York flagship closure, the company previously said it’s planning

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