Ralph Lauren expands jewelry

In an interview to Hautehorlogerie.org, Luc Peramond, CEO of Ralph Lauren Watch and Jewelry Co. said: ”Part of my mission is to develop the jewelry side now, and I think the potential for jewelry is very important. We have a great following among our female customers, and they are all expecting a fine jewelry collection designed by Mr. Lauren”

Speaking about the creative appproach Mr Peramond (formerly the head of Hermes watches division) said: ”We are a house of creation and creativity, and we need to demonstrate this wonderful creativity. So we will be introducing completely new designs. There are many projects in the pipeline, both in watches and jewelry, so we need to show this beautiful creativity. We will see very interesting things next year and the year after. There is a five-year plan, which is quite intensive in terms of new product development and new designs.

The priority is to identify designs that are at the heart of the DNA of the brand, that are so distinctive you can immediately recognize the collection and attribute it to Ralph Lauren, so we need to find a strong signature.”

Ralph Lauren Fine Jewelry