Ralph Lauren embraces see-now-buy-now and hosts catwalk on Madison Avenue

For its latest Spring Summer 2017 fashion collection, Ralph Lauren built a glass and steel cube in front of his Upper East Side flagship store. The unique setting was chosen, in part, so that the flagship store could open to guests immediately after the show. For these were not mere show pieces, designed to peek interest and create breathless headlines. Every item in the show would be available to the public immediately, a growing trend among designers to capitalize on the buzz created by Fashion Week.

Black and white was the early palette, with plaid shirts and monochromatic, embroidered designs reminiscent of the rhinestone cowboys of the 1970s. Wide, silver belts and long fringe accented virtually every flowing skirt and wide-bottomed pant. The jackets and ponchos recalled the spaghetti westerns of Clint Eastwood, shades of brown, long and loose, with Native American inspired prints.

There were dresses and pant suits, variations of the classic little black dress, but with touches that rendered them decidedly unique — leather and metal, southwestern embellishments, large silver necklaces and chokers.

Then, to close out the show, a vibrant explosion. As if stumbling upon an oasis after a week in the desert, everything was technicolor. A parade of the boldest purple and red and yellow shimmering, body-hugging gowns.

Ralph Lauren See-Now-Buy-Now Madison Avenue catwalk