‘Rally to London’, the climax of Aston Martin’s Centenary Week celebrations

One hundred Aston Martins set off from Italy and drive across Europe before in ‘Rally to London’ arriving in the United Kingdom ahead of the exclusive Centenary Celebration event which will take place in Kensington Gardens, London on Sunday, 21 July. A mix of contemporary and heritage models will illustrate the rich history of the brand in terms of design, performance and ultimate luxury lifestyle.

Participants may join  at any checkpoint they want. On the five day trip they will be crossing seven countries, starting in Italy at Lake Como, then challenging the majestic Swiss Alps, via St.Moritz.  Entering Germany, they will pass by Lake Constance, refreshing at a medieval Fortress close to Stuttgart before challenging the winding roads of the Black Forest. Following the Mosel river on theway to the Aston Martin Nürburgring Test Centre, where all models pass endurance testing. Last stop on the continent will be Château de Cocove, then the Eurotunnel will lead to UK and finally to London.