Qatar to develop semi-submerged luxury hotel resort

Qatar is planning a semi-submerged Dubai Palm-style resort that will feature underwater hotel rooms and 80 “jellyfish” floating suites, it was reported. The Amphibious 1000 will be built in the middle of a marine reserve and will feature both land and sea developments as well as four hotels, The Australian said.

The 1km project will be designed by the Italian firm Giancarlo Zema Design Group, which specialises in semi-submerged architectural structures, floating habitats and yacht design. “It is like a big aquatic animal stretching out from the land into the sea and extends horizontally for one kilometre thanks to two long wide arms,” Giancarlo Zema told The Australian.

The hotel’s underwater rooms will resemble super-yachts while the “jellyfish” suites will each have four floors and an underwater aquarium lounge. Hydrogen-powered yachts with underwater viewing areas will transport guests around the resort, said the newspaper.

On land the resort will house a museum, floating walkways, a restaurant with panoramic views, exhibitions, aquariums and a glass tunnel that will lead to the underwater observatory in the centre of the marine park.