PRO FVMVM ROMA, a true Italian success story in haute parfumerie

In an exclusive interview to CPP-LUXURY.COM Luciano Durante, of the Durantes, the founders of high end Italian fragrances house of PRO FVMVM ROMA shares the secret behind the success of a family business started in Italy, better known for fashion and leather goods than fragrances.

Your philosophy is based on emotions, sensations, through the scents that are our memory. Besides the quality of your product, how important is your choice of a retailer? What is the ideal profile of a retailer for your brand?

We select very carefully our Ambassadors, they should be the very few all over the world known for their passion and expertise in the world of niche fragrances. Their love for fragrances is essential to transmit the unique olfactory experience of PRO FVMVM ROMA collection.

Italy is famous for fashion and design but not necessarily fragrances and cosmetics. What do you think were the key elements behind your success? How important are your Italian roots?

PRO FVMVM ROMA perfumes are not simply scents. Our goal is to transmit emotions, sensations, through the scents that are our memory. Fragrances are extremely communicative, each one has its own story, each one is different. This is what intrigues our customers, they recognize in our perfumes their emotions and experiences. Furthermore the quality of ingredients, the high concentration and the complex evolving structure, that reveals its notes time after time in contact with the skin, fascinates everyone who experience our collection.

Each PRO FVMVM ROMA fragrance is an homage to our Italian roots, to the charming and Mediterranean Italian culture. Smell Patchouli and you will find yourself in an antique mansion in Tuscany countryside leafing through the pages of an old diary containing all the memories of your family and of the person you loved.

Think about the ageless gentleman and you will find yourself in an old barber shop in a small village in South Italy smelling Antico Caruso.
Or again discover Acqua Viva and you will smell the scent of Amalfi summer, where the fresh scent of lemons spreads over and envelops you with an intense “joie de vivre”.

Today’s fragrances market is about volumes and large retail networks. How is your company resisting this trend and why?

We have radically decided to non-homologate in the global market, to create something different. Each one of our fragrances has been carefully created thinking about the unique memory we want to evocate, blending the best essential oils until their perfect balance recalls the sense of the déjavu of our inspiration. Our loyal customers and the new ones appreciate the quality, the passion and the care that we put in each fragrance. Once you meet a PRO FVMVM ROMA fragrance you will be curious to discover all our scented stories.

Most international fragrance household brand are made using artificial ingredients. What ingredients do you use and how do you ensure supply of your ingredients?

We are very careful at the quality of our ingredients, that is why we only use natural and derivative ingredients looking for the best of them all over the world. We carefully select each ingredient directly from growers, choosing for example Sandal essential oil from India, as it is the one that performs best.

Have you ever considered creating a fragrance with 100% organic essence ingredients?

Not yet. 100% organic essences are often very pungent, not suitable for PRO FVMVM ROMA high concentration of essential oils. The risk can be the creation of rank and sour fragrances, far away from the harmonious perfumes of the collection.

You have uniquely blended music with fragrances, creating a sound for each type of fragrance. What has been your philosophy behind BLUE ESSENCE?

BLUE ESSENCE was born by chance. We met Jazid, a group of musicians with the desire of experimenting to find new musical paths. They mix jazz improvisations and funky rhythmic pulses with ethnic sounds. As both music and fragrance world is composed by “notes”, we decided together to create new  sounds inspired by our collection, a new way to go deeper into a perfume.
The track “First Light” is for example inspired by Confetto fragrance.

Do you have any plans to expand your product line to cosmetics or home products such as candles?

For our own boutiques in Rome we have already created a body care collection and room perfume collection for the best seller scents of the collection. You can find Shower Bath, Body Milk, Body Oil and Room Perfume for example of Acqua e Zucchero, Acqua di Sale and  Vanitas.

Which are your most successful markets worldwide, in terms of sales?

Surely the Italian market has been the first market and continues being the reference market.
Nowadays important markets are developing in Germany and USA, followed by other countries in Europe.
We are sure that also Rumanians can become PRO FVMVM ROMA addicted!

Tell us about your most recent launches

We have created two brand new fragrances: Dolce Acqua and Eccelso.

Dolce Acqua is inspired by the scent of a happy summer night, a party on the beach full of our best friends, laughing and drinking a sweet cocktail while the sunset offers a unique atmosphere. Dolce Acqua, that means “sweet water”, is a sweet fragrance based on coconut, almond, vanilla, heliotrope and tonka bean notes.

Eccelso has been created looking for the most sophisticated and elegant fragrance ever conceived. Once created this is a male fragrance that we have tested on women noticing that once smelt it creates an incredible and inexplicable attraction. Eccelso is the perfect balance of Bergamot, Magnolia, Nutmeg, Sandalwood and Musk essential oils.
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