Private events, still an important marketing tool for luxury brands

Aston Martin DB9

French jeweller CARTIER has recently unveiled its Juste un Clou collection (based on Cipullo’s original nail bracelet), in tandem with an exhibition that pays tribute to the late designer and his work, with a private party at the Cartier Mansion on Fifth Avenue in New York. On display are the new rings and bracelets along with roughly 40 vintage Cartier pieces, archival drawings, articles, and scrapbooks as part of the Cartier & Aldo Cipullo: New York City in the ’70s exhibition.

This weekend, Italian luxury brand BVLGARI hosted its annual series of private events in Rome, Italy. Each year, Bvlgari hosts this traditional private events to show its latest collections of exceptional jewellery pieces, attended by top wealthy consumers from around the world. The Bvlgari events this year also include a visit to the Sistine Chapel in Rome. Last year, the Bvlgari private events took place in Monte Carlo and Florence.

While the Cartier event might be attended by socialites and celebrities, the guest list at Bvlgari’s private events remains strictly confidential. By contrast, Aston Martin‘s latest private event, a six day exclusive trip around Austria can be attended for a fee - 7.000 euros/person. The Aston Martin Austria tour features the country’s most beautiful sights, dining in the finest restaurants, horse riding (famous Lipizzan horses), wine tasting, golf and SPA.

Last month, luxury car maker BMW set up its first ever pop up lounge in Russia, in the capital of Moscow, with a 7 Series dedicated lounge. The lounge, which remains open for 3 months has been hosting exclusive private events, featuring luxury brands from other sectors such as fashion, jewellery and interior design. The aim of BMW is to present its top category model in an exclusive environment which does not reflect the concept of a standard showroom.