Preview of luxury car launches at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Major luxury carmakers have already announced and presented some of the new launches planned for this year’s edition of Geneva Motor Show 2013, taking place 7-17 March.

Audi is launching the second-generation S3 Sportback – turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder direct-injection unit kicks out 296 hp,  providing it with a specific power output of 148 hp per liter. Available in Europe from September 2013. The new engine is described as Audi’s most advanced four-cylinder production-car  engine to date.

McLaren is presenting its latest P1, the spiritual successor to the McLaren F1, at Geneva Motor Show 2013. To keep weight low, the P1 makes extensive use of carbon fiber in the cabin–for  the instrument panel, floor, headliner, doors, rocker panels and even the  housing for the electronic gauge cluster.

McLaren P1 to be launched at Geneva Motor Show 2013

Rolls Royce is launching its brand new Wraith Coupe at Geneva Motor Show 2013. Unlike the current Phantom Coupe, which features a boxy profile similar to that of the sedan on which it’s based, the new Wraith gets a fastback look that’s very sporting and sleek. The bold new styling hints at the extraordinary power and dynamic promise of the Wraith, which Rolls-Royce has already confirmed will be the fastest and most powerful model ever launched by the brand.

Ferrari is introducing at this year’s Geneva Motor Show the successor to F150 Enzo. The new model will boast over 800 horsepower from the combination of a V12 engine and a HY-KERS system. The successor to the F150 Enzo will be able to “turn into a corner” as quick as a Formula One car thanks in part to the fact that the road-going machine will feature as much downforce as an F1 competitor.

Lamborghini is preparing to launch at Geneva Motor Show 2013 its fastest car to date. The 50th anniversary of Lamborghini will be marked with a new low-volume hypercar, produced in a limited edition, some indicating 10.

Audi S3 Sportback, Geneva Motor Show 2013