Premium natural aromatherapy brands are on the rise worldwide

Akhassa,Aromatherapy AssociatesRussie Blanche, Caudalie and Tisserand are among the most successful premium natural cosmetics brands in the world. Most of them relying on sales as exclusive amenities by top luxury hotels, they have registered a remarkable evolution in the past decade, defying the international financial crisis. They should be praised not only for sticking with their commitment for delivering top class natural products made of organic ingredients but also for continuously researching and developing new products.

One of the pioneers of the sectors has been British brand Aromatherapy Associates which have thrived on being the exclusive brand of Mandarin Oriental Hotels, the leading international luxury chain. Aromatherapy Associates provides Mandarin Oriental hotels not only with their top quality bath line but also with a complete line of SPA products. Aromatherapy’s winning philosophy has been creating top quality products, while carefully supervising a selective type of distribution, products only being available in few locations internationally.

American owned Akhassa and British Tisserand brand have also had a similarly sensible approach and business strategy maintaing an impecable array of natural cosmetics and distributing them selectively within luxury hotels and few distribution points. Both brands rely on ancient aromatherapy recipes, each developing a unique interpretation of aromatherapy: Akhassa is a brand deeply rooted in its Asian origins and Tisserand employs the best recipes of aromatherapy by using organic ingredients.

Developed by Julia Lemigova, the last top model and MISS of the former soviet URSS, Russie Blanche is a line which impecably combines French innovation and quality production with centuries old Russian traditions. Its award winning facial and body products have been carefully developed using 100% organic essential oils, most of them extracted from Russian flowers. It is most remarkable how Ms Lemigova has built her brand without appealing to her fame, given by her long time engagement to tennis legend Martina Navratilova or her close relationship with the Sarkozy family.

Last but not least, there is Caudalie, the company which invented vinotherapie, a cosmetics concept derived from grapes and wine. Set up by a young French family, Caudalie is now regarded as one of the top luxury cosmetics brands in the world, and its SPAs are receiving exceptional praise.

S. Lavalle